Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Karwanchi Group or related companies undertake and declare to accept that will do not sell, hire or use and handle personal data (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”) such as your name, electronic post address, work or home addresses and telephone numbers that submitted via the forms filled out by the visitors to any third persons.

Karwanchi Group or related companies will use and handle the personal information as limited as possible for the aims mentioned herein under; sending Pressed publications/ correspondence, sending press bulletin by electronic posts, the materials purchase and/or deliver rewards.

Personal Information can only be reached by Karwanchi Group or related companie’s authorized personnel and our third person representatives who accepted the personal information to be confidential. Karwanchi Group or related companies can without declaring the Personal Information and only in case to obtain Personal Information’s statistical data (Scanner type, geographical location, age, gender .. etc.) can use and handle the Personal Information in the purpose of developing its Web Site and in general to collect more information concerning the consumers. All rights gained upon the said statistical data is reserved to Karwanchi Group or related companies.

Karwanchi Group or related companies cannot guarantee the subject matter regarding the confidential concepts of the web sites of the third persons that has reached, therefore we recommend to evaluate the confidential matter approach of the sites you head for before submitting any information that could be declared as a private.

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